PT. Tawakkal Ternak Indonesia is the largest integrated sheep-farming industry in West Java, Indonesia.

The company was established in 1997, starting with the line of business in the sheep and cattle breeding and fattening. In 2017, PT. Dana Lingkar Kapital acquired the company and turned into an integrated sheep-farming industry. The company adopted the animal health, welfare, and collaborated with some universities in Indonesia, one of which is Institut Pertanian Bogor.

Beyond everything, quality and animal welfare are at the heart of the company. Not only its feedlots and breeding operations are highly automated with world-class biosecurity and farm management systems, but all of the sheep and cattle are also provided with clean water, healthy diet, and prepared without steroids. Using an IT-enabled traceability system, our nutritionists and veterinarians are able to monitor sheep and cattle’s life cycle beginning at the company’s farms through to meat processing at our certified abattoir.

Thousands of sheep-farming capacity has been contributed to one of the biggest market shares in sheep sales in Indonesia. The company has grown into one of the biggest suppliers for hotels, restaurants, and caterings.

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