PT. Tricore Artha Primarindo (“Tricore”) founded by PT. Dana Lingkar Kapital (“Danalink”), a holding company that is engaging the field of Business Consultant, located in Jakarta and Singapore.

PT. Tricore Artha Primarindo then diversified into an investment company that focuses on public companies and started entering the Indonesian capital market in 2017.

Tricore has a strong main business in finance and capital markets, such as investment banking, issuance of debt instruments, IPO, rating advisory, and shadow rating. Tricore also has a very strong distribution network or client base, particularly in government institutions and private-sector, including insurance, pension fund, financial institution, asset management, etc.

Since Tricore works as a financial consultant and investment bank, our vision is becoming the foremost and trustworthy business partner in presenting the best financial solution.

Tricore’s mission is creating a long-term connection with business partners by presenting a financial solution that is innovative and solutive by implementing the basis of good corporate governance.

The principle of services that Tricore offer is giving the financial solution that tailored to each of client’s need, such as equity fundraising – private placement, debt financing – private offering, corporate finance advisory, rating advisory & shadow rating advisory, leveraged deals – corporate bank financing, merger & acquisition, and restructuring.

The Financial Advisor services for the company are restructuration – company or financial restructuration, debentures restructuration, merger & acquisition, joint venture, divestment, asset selling, and business planning.